The Difference Between Beard Oil And Beard Balm

Beard Oil and Beard Balm from Beard Brothers World

When it comes to maintaining a well-groomed beard, the market offers a plethora of products, each claiming to be the ultimate solution. However, two products that often stand out are beard oil and beard balm. While they may appear similar at first glance, there are subtle yet significant differences between the two. Understanding these differences is crucial for anyone looking to achieve a healthy, well-maintained beard. It’s not just a matter of personal preference; it’s about understanding the unique benefits that each product offers and how they cater to different beard care needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Beard oil is a moisturizer made of carrier oils and essential oils, while beard balm is thicker and made of butter or hard oils, waxes, and carrier oils.
  • Beard oil is recommended for all beard sizes and lengths as it softens new beard hairs and reduces itchiness.
  • Beard balm is favored by men with medium to large beards as it provides hydration to the ends of the beard and helps maintain its shape throughout the day.
  • When choosing between beard oil and beard balm, consider beard length, hair characteristics, and the need for added hydration or conditioning.

Beard Oil

Beard oil, a classic and essential grooming product, is an oil-based, light moisturizer designed to be applied effortlessly throughout the entire beard, primarily composed of carrier oils and essential oils. Carrier oils play a crucial role in conditioning, moisturizing, and softening both the skin and beard, ensuring overall beard health and strength.

On the other hand, essential oils not only contribute to the fragrance of the product but also bring anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to the table. The combination of these oils makes beard oil a versatile and effective product for beard care.

When it comes to choosing a beard oil, Every Man Jack Beard Oil comes highly recommended for beards of all sizes and lengths, including the early stages of beard growth. It effectively softens new beard hairs and reduces beard itch, making it a valuable addition to any grooming routine. To maximize the benefits of beard oil, it is recommended to use a boar’s hair Beard Brush for even distribution.

The stiff microscopic scales on a boar’s hair brush not only clean the beard and exfoliate the skin but also help distribute the oil evenly throughout the entire beard, ensuring optimal results.

Our Pick

Every Man Jack Beard Oil
  • MOISTURIZE & SOFTEN: Ideal for hydrating and softening facial hair.
  • RELIEVE ITCH & FLAKES: Soothes the skin and reduces beard dandruff.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains Vitamin E, Argan Oil, and Borage Oil.
  • LIGHT SANDALWOOD SCENT: A warm, masculine fragrance.
  • PLANT-BASED FORMULA: Free from harsh chemicals and gluten.
  • CONDITIONING OIL: Adds shine and softness to the beard.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Responsibly produced with high-quality standards.
Every Man Jack Beard Oil from Beard Brothers World

Beard Balm

With the rise in popularity of beard grooming products, particularly those designed for medium to large beards, beard balm has emerged as a notable addition to the grooming routine.

Beard balms, also known as beard butter, have a higher viscosity than beard oil. They are typically made from a combination of butter or hard oils (such as shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter), waxes, and other carrier oils commonly found in beard oil, like castor oil and jojoba oil.

The thicker texture of beard balm allows it to coat the skin and hair shaft, providing a slow-release, leave-in conditioning effect. Additionally, the added weight helps to tame stubborn beard hairs and flyaways, maintaining the beard’s shape throughout the day.

Beard balm is particularly favored by men with medium to large beards. As the beard grows further from the face, it becomes increasingly challenging for the natural oils to reach the ends of the beard. This is where beard balm plays a significant role, as it can be applied to the ends of the beard, providing hydration throughout the day.

Our Pick

Seven Potions Beard Balm Citrus Tonic
  • CONDITIONING SOFTENER: Softens facial hair and skin for a healthier beard.
  • NATURAL & VEGAN: Ethically sourced, free from harmful chemicals.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Blend of coconut oil, jojoba, peach kernel oil, and more.
  • BEARD GROWTH SUPPORT: Reduces itch, split ends, and dandruff.
  • NON-GREASY FORMULA: Offers a smooth, sculptable finish.
  • MADE IN ENGLAND: High standards of manufacturing and safety.
  • CITRUS TONIC SCENT: Refreshing aroma for a pleasant grooming experience.
Seven Potions Beard Balm Citrus Tonic from Beard Brothers World

Beard Oil VS Balm: Which Should You Choose?

When considering the choice between beard oil and beard balm, it is essential to assess your beard length and specific hair characteristics to determine the most suitable product for maintaining a healthy and well-groomed beard.

For shorter beards, typically between 1”–3”, beard oil alone is sufficient to keep the beard healthy and hydrated without leaving a greasy residue.

Medium to long beards, ranging from 3”–12” and beyond, often require the combined use of beard oil and utility balm to effectively moisturize and condition the beard. Utility balm can also help in making patchy beards appear fuller, while beard oil is recommended for thin, straight beards to maintain volume without weighing down the hair.

Coarse, curly beards benefit from the dual application of beard oil and utility balm due to their tendency to be dry. Grey and white beards, which tend to be drier, also benefit from the added hydration provided by utility balm.

Both beard oil and utility balm offer versatility, serving other purposes such as hair oil and skin moisturizer.

However, if one product had to be chosen, utility balm provides numerous applications, making it a preferred choice for many.

Benefits Of Using Beard Balm And Beard Oil

Considering the essential role of conditioning products in maintaining a healthy and well-groomed beard, it is crucial to understand the benefits of using beard balm and beard oil. Both beard balm and beard oil offer numerous advantages that contribute to the overall health, appearance, and manageability of your beard. Here are the key benefits of using beard balm and beard oil:

  • Moisturization: Beard balm and beard oil help to replenish the natural oils stripped away by harsh detergents, thus providing essential moisture to the skin and facial hair.
  • Nourishment: These products deliver vital vitamins and nutrients to the skin and hair, promoting healthier, stronger, and softer beard growth.
  • Fragrance: In addition to their conditioning properties, beard balm and beard oil often contain natural fragrances that leave your beard smelling fresh and pleasant throughout the day.


In conclusion, both beard oil and beard balm offer unique benefits for maintaining a healthy beard. Beard oil provides hydration and nourishment to the skin and hair, while beard balm offers styling and control. The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs. By understanding the differences and benefits of each product, individuals can make an informed decision on which option best suits their beard care routine.


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