5-Inch Fine Tooth Pocket Comb

Amazon.com Price: $1.06 (as of 16/05/2024 14:23 PST- Details)

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  • Compact and Portable: Designed to fit seamlessly into a pocket or purse for styling anytime, anywhere.
  • Precision Styling: Fine tooth design ideal for detailed grooming tasks, including parting and teasing.
  • Styling Product Compatible: Works perfectly with hair gels, mousses, and putties for a secure, lasting style.
  • Legacy of Quality: A trusted name in men’s grooming tools for over 150 years, offering reliability and durability.
  • Complete Grooming Solution: Best used in conjunction with the full range of ACE hair tools for optimal results.

Introducing the GOODY ACE Hair Comb, a 5-inch fine tooth pocket comb designed for precision styling and convenience. This sleek black comb is your ideal companion for on-the-go grooming, easily fitting into your pocket or purse. Whether you’re parting, scoring, teasing, or creating a polished style, this comb rises to the occasion.

  • Versatile Styling : The fine teeth of this comb make it perfect for detailed styling work. It’s excellent for creating clean parts, adding volume through teasing, and achieving a sleek, styled look that lasts all day. Pair it with your favorite hair gel, mousse, or styling putty to lock in your look.
  • Trusted Quality: For over 150 years, ACE hair combs have been the go-to choice for men looking for reliable grooming tools. This fine tooth pocket comb continues the tradition, offering durability and performance that you can count on.
  • Complete Your Toolkit: For best results, complement your grooming routine with the full line of ACE hair tools. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution for all your styling needs, ensuring you look your best with minimal effort.

Key Features:

  • Compact 5-inch size fits easily in pocket or purse
  • Fine teeth ideal for parting, teasing, and precise styling
  • Compatible with styling products for a lasting hold
  • Trusted by generations for its durability and effectiveness
  • Part of the ACE collection of professional hair tools

Embrace the convenience and quality of the GOODY ACE Fine Tooth Pocket Comb, and elevate your grooming routine to the next level.


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Fine Tooth Pocket Comb from Beard Brothers World5-Inch Fine Tooth Pocket Comb
Amazon.com Price: $1.06 (as of 16/05/2024 14:23 PST- Details)
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